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White Labeled Client Portal

Deliver Your Own Cloud Application

CloudRadial lets you deliver a your white labeled portal to clients. Much more than the typical ticketing portals you might have used in the past, CloudRadial offers your clients a full company intranet site provided by your company. 

With CloudRadial you’ll deliver to your clients:

  1. Cloud Applications Menu – Provides centralized access to all of their cloud-based applications and helps everyone see all the tools that are approved and available for them to do their job. Helps stop one-off cloud purchases and multiple solutions to the same problem. Menus are fully customizable and assignable by groups within their organization.
  2. Shared Office 365 Calendars – Select specific Office 365 calendars to share with everyone in the company and make it easy to keep everyone on the same page for holidays, events, important reminders and more. Instantly updates as the Office 365 calendars are updated.
  3. Company Directory – Provides one place to see all company staff, vendors and important contacts. Automatically synchronizes with Office 365 so there is no need to retype company information. Provides convenient links to email and Microsoft Teams chat.
  4. Centralized Messaging – Makes it easy to keep everyone informed without wondering if messages get seen when using multiple company message options. Provides clear reporting on who has seen your messages. Lets you send messages by group and schedule messages in advance.
  5.  Knowledge Base and Training – Centralizes all of their important company information in one location. Since data can be stored in numerous Office 365 locations and websites, the knowledge base provides an easy way to direct people to the right resources. Plus, in the University section, clients can add your own references and courses to keep everyone trained and up-to-date.
  6. Consolidated Service Portal – Helps sort out the confusion between what you do and what is done by client staff. Problems and services can be identified, tickets created and then routed for outside assistance or in-house resolution. It even provides for in-house approval before routing outside the company. 
  7. Infrastructure Reporting – Clients can see their I.T. assets including workstations, applications, domains and servers and track their usage and allocation. Provides important insights that help them determine utility, currency, productivity and security of your infrastructure and make business-based decisions on how they are utilized. Integrated with policy monitoring for daily alerting.
  8. Policy Monitoring and Compliance – Clients can review and determine their own policies for many issues related to how your I.T. infrastructure is used including allowed applications, security restrictions, data restrictions, data protections, compliance requirements and more so that you can put in place corporate policy safeguards that protect your company, employees, investors and owners.

With CloudRadial you’ll be delivering your own cloud-based application that furthers client engagement.

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The CloudRadial portal is white labeled under your name at a dedicated URL. CloudRadial updates happen automatically so their is nothing that is required on your end to keep it up-to-date.