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TruMethod's MyITProcess vs CloudRadial

CloudRadial is an MSP Client Portal with a suite of client management tools, that work together to sell and grow client accounts while providing an exceptional client experience.  vCIO software to help with Technical Alignment, implementing IT Standards and developing IT Roadmap is only one piece of the puzzle that is under the CloudRadial hood.

TruMethod’s MyITProcess is single-purpose MSP vCIO software that establishes IT standards, creates alignment and helps develop strategic roadmaps.

Unlike MyITProcess, CloudRadial is powered with automation to save time so that account managers and those in the vCIO role are able to prepare business reviews for all of your clients – instead of just a few.  Unlike MyITProcess, CloudRadial has developed a truly scalable vCIO process that will grow your revenues. Unlike MyITProcess, CloudRadial focuses on the entire customer experience and journey with your MSP

Yes, CloudRadial includes vCIO software but it strategically works alongside other integrated “puzzle pieces” to build trust and confidence with your MSP, so that your customers will grow their services. The lifetime value of the MSP customer matters and CloudRadial understands the full customer journey.

Save Time with Automation for Technical Alignments, Implementing IT Standards and Building IT Roadmaps

Using CloudRadial’s vCIO account planner, tracked QBR items, business policies, your MSP’s stack and a bit of automation, IT roadmaps and budgets are a snap.  You will find that it is very easy to do the following:

  • Build a Scalable vCIO Process
  • Develop Client IT Roadmaps
  • Build Policy Reporting
  • Build Custom Presentations in an Instant
  • Collaborate with Your Clients
  • Develop IT Standards
  • Build Technical Alignment
  • Monitor Client Compliance
  • Create a Repeatable Consistent Process
  • Deliver QBRs in Less than a Minute

Prepare QBRs with Minimal Effort

CloudRadial has revolutionized the QBR process by pushing client data, detail, insights and reporting into a dashboard that clients can access at any time. This dashboard also displays your service catalog, showcasing everything you can do for them.

Client data is typically scattered in multiple systems and hours are spent analyzing and organizing into a report. With time being very valuable, MSPs focus on a few clients and leave the others behind – thus leaving money on the table!  Within less than a minute, CloudRadial takes your track items (very customizable to what you want to show) and displays them in a PDF branded to your MSP.  Again in a matter of minutes, you have something to present or email to your clients. 

Sell More to Your Clients

Selling is difficult.  Building trust is difficult.  CloudRadial takes the extra step to help you with transparent reporting that is easy for your clients to understand. Tracked QBR items can be presented in dashboards to give your clients a big picture view of why your recommendations are important.  The policy report shows them the evidence and backs up your recommendations.  The vCIO planner helps them understand the significance of your strategy and how to plan and budget for it.  And all of this is right inside their client portal! Are you starting to see how all of the pieces are working together now?

CloudRadial Includes Assessments Too!

As part of the compliance process, IT Assessments help qualitatively note the status of items at a particular point in time and must be reviewed manually.  CloudRadial’s assessment module helps MSPs make these efforts consistent, scalable and client-facing if needed –  across all clients.

  • Track Your MSPs IT Standards
  • Track Industry Standards
  • Track External Regulations
  • Track the Company's Internal IT Standards

CloudRadial has made assessments easy to create as they can be uploaded from Excel files or built from content-controlled templates. These templates and checklists can be imported into an assessment for one-time use or replicated automatically based on users, endpoints, or servers.

“Before CloudRadial, our QBR process was broken. We spent hour and hours making XLSs and PDFs. But none of it discussed the important issues.”
Chris Copeland
Valiant Technology
Policy Reporting

Policy Reporting

Instantly find exceptions and add them to your client’s vCIO planner

Client IT Roadmap

Client IT Roadmap

Collaborate, plan, and budget your clients’ technology needs



Give your clients the big picture for compliance, cybersecurity, and more

staff suggestions

On-Demand QBR

Automation instantly prepares business reviews to increase your revenues

Your Clients Never Asked for a Ticketing Portal

Give Them a Modern MSP Customer Experience

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