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Grow Your MSP Business with Your Service Catalog

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It will give you a starting point to create or expand upon your MSP’s Service Catalog.  It’s a sample to demonstrate how to take the technical requirements of an I.T. provider and translate those into services any of your end-users can understand.

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service catalog

The Next Generation of Client IT Experience

CloudRadial’s “intranet” portal is the next generation of client IT experience.  If your arm your clients with the information they need to expand their services, your revenues will grown. 

CloudRadial Presents a Single Pane of Glass that consolidates:
  1. Your Full Service Catalog
  2. Ticketing
  3. Backup Reporting
  4. Invoice Management
  5. Equipment Aging
  6. Office 365 Adoption Reporting
  7. Security Breach Reporting
  8. ConnectWise or Autotask Reporting
  9. Warranty Reporting

There is more to your MSP Business than your current client portal presents. Showcase that you are cutting edge and exploit your expertise! 


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