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Grow Revenue

Turn Office 365 into a High Margin Solution

Office 365 and other cloud services disrupt the traditional I.T. services model with solutions that have lower margins than previous offerings. Providers can either cut support and accept lower margins, or they can differentiate themselves with higher priced offerings that restore lost margins, grow revenues and create more engaged clients.

Revenue Ideas

Here’s 7 ways CloudRadial can help you leverage Office 365.

Make it Easy to Buy

Make it easier for clients to engage with higher margin projects and services by using CloudRadial's service catalog.

Create Urgency

Use data to create urgency and security awareness by providing CloudRadial's easily accessible and real-time reports.

Offer Data Governance

Demonstrate the value of enhanced data governance and help clients keep their data within their control through CloudRadial's data protection policies and reports.

Sell Add-ons

Highlight the value of Office 365 add-ons such as voice and security offerings through CloudRadial’s integrated Office 365 reporting.

Deliver Compliance Services

Provide additional compliance services including CloudRadial’s features for archiving, training, and policy monitoring.

Set Service Boundaries

Set boundaries on included service using CloudRadial's service portal to prompt opportunities for upgrades, projects, and new recurring revenues.

Provide a Low Cost MSP Option

Offering a low-end MSP offering. Use CloudRadial’s data agent to gather the information clients need for basic management.

Bonus Idea

Combining systems makes it easier to create more accurate billing statements.


Generate more revenue without hiring a single extra person.