Confirmed: FastTrack Meeting #3 - QBRs

You’re all set for your next FastTrack meeting – but there are a few things you should look at first.

During your third FastTrack session, we’ll be covering a lot of content. Be sure to come prepared by:

  1. Preparing a list of your product offerings – such as managed services, managed security, backup, etc.

Completing this step is critical to ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Meeting agenda

During the third meeting, we’ll cover:

  • Understanding how to create an effective product catalog
  • Understanding how to create and deploy planner item content based on company needs
  • Understanding how to present the planner roadmap to clients
  • Understanding how to manage notes and follow-up
  • Understanding how to score clients
  • Understanding how to review consolidated planner reporting and sales matrices

It’s not necessary for you to have explored these functions already… but it never hurts. See you soon.