The MSP’s Guide to The Ultimate Client Experience

The MSP's Guide to

The Ultimate Client Experience

By Jeff Farris

Optimize service efficiency, account management productivity, and client engagement with a modern digital-first approach.

The process of digital transformation is remaking everything. But no one should recognize this change better than MSPs – digital transformation made the modern MSP industry. RMMs gave IT service companies the technology that turned them into SaaS providers justifying a SaaS-like pricing model of monthly recurring revenue. MRR has shaped the industry ever since.

Digital transformation of an MSP’s internal business operations is over. Nearly every MSP now uses cloud-based infrastructure for quoting, ticketing, and invoicing, and integrates other cloud-based tools beyond the RMM to enhance and extend their service offerings such as backup and cloud servers.

But while MSPs have benefitted from their own internal digital transformation, most have yet to apply these changes in a way that a client directly experiences. It’s as if MSPs have digitized their “store inventory”, but not their “store”. Clients are expected to interact with MSPs the same way they did when the industry began.

This book shows you how to transform your client experience into something truly exceptional. It shows you how a digital-first client experience completely remakes the way you can land, onboard, manage and grow clients.

Key Concepts Covered in This Book:

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