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Why training is required

No matter how user friendly or intuitive CloudRadial is, training is vital to understand all of the features and how they work together. From our FastTrack sessions you will realize the technology’s full capabilities and transformative features.

We have a plan for you so you’ll have a plan for your customers.

CloudRadial is a platform backed by a methodology to ensure you succeed in your client relationships. Your team will benefit from increased knowledge and therefore, increased usability to rollout CloudRadial with confidence. 

FastTrack - $495

RECOMMENDED – With FastTrack, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account specialist who will take you through four online sessions covering all the key features of CloudRadial including:

1. Service Catalog & Ticketing

This session covers the basics of using CloudRadial, like setting up the view of the portal, creating custom tickets and service catalog items, and general management of the system. This session puts emphasis on what you can do for your clients.

2. Reporting

This session covers how to deploy the agent and use it to populate your policy reporting. You will learn how to customize and standardize your MSP policy standards and use this time-saving feature to generate scalable reports and help automate your QBRs. This reporting session puts emphasis on what you have done for your clients.

3. QBRs & Account Planner

This session covers how the reporting functions come together to organize data into legible QBRs for your clients. You will learn how to score clients, set up meetings, as well as how to best use the account planner, IT roadmapping feature, and more. This session puts emphasis on showing your clients what you will do them them.

4. Communication with Clients

This session covers how to best utilize ongoing communications with your clients and how to take full advantage of the various features of CloudRadial. You will learn how to easily reach clients with company-wide messaging, daily digests, broadcasts, and how to generate marketing lists. In addition, you will learn how to easily manage user training with the university courses, quickstarts, and Bigger Brains integration. This session puts emphasis on communicating with your clients effectively.

FastTrack’s dedicated onboarding is designed to help you get CloudRadial rolled out faster and more thoroughly with your clients so you can see it’s advantages sooner. More information is available here.

FastTrack is an additional one-time fee of $495

FastTrack Premium - $2495

FOR LARGER MSPs – FastTrack Premium provides a flexible implementation plan that helps the different groups within your organization get the detailed training they require. FastTrack Premium starts with a discovery session, where your dedicated project manager will survey your current environment and develop a roadmap to get all of the participants ready for client implementation. FastTrack Premium includes everything in a standard FastTrack plus:

1. Dedicated Discovery Session

We'll start the process with a discovery session to better help us understand your requirements and help us focus all future sessions to meeting the defined objectives.

2. Dedicated Project Manager

You'll be assigned a dedicated CloudRadial specialist who walks your company through a complete client deployment of CloudRadial.

3. Custom Training Sessions

Get specialized training sessions for your service, dispatch, account management, marketing and executive groups.

4. Strategy Review

Get expert assistance in designing your service catalog, product catalog and other content.

FastTrack Premium guides you through the entire process and only ends when you have a successful roll-out to your first clients. More information is available here.

FastTrack Premium is an additional one-time fee of $2,495.