FastTrack – Second Onboarding Meeting Confirmed

Confirmed: FastTrack Meeting #2 - Reporting

You’re all set for your next FastTrack meeting – but you’ve still got some prepwork to do.

During your second FastTrack session, we’ll be covering a lot of content. Be sure to come prepared by:

  1. Installing the agent on one or more computers
  2. Reading the help article on deploying the agent 

Completing these steps is critical to ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Meeting agenda

During the second meeting, we’ll cover:

  • Deploying agents to end-user workstations and servers
  • How to make sense of the information presented to users by endpoint reporting, including in terms of data governance and compliance
  • Understanding how to create and manage policy content and organize it for clients
  • Understanding how to create tickets based on policy exceptions
  • Understanding how to use and manage reporting archives
  • Understanding how to create client PDF reports
  • Understanding how to setup and modify dashboards

It’s not necessary for you to have explored these functions already… but it never hurts. See you soon.