Robin Robins + CloudRadial

Robin Robins marketing and sales strategies will drive sales. MSPs and CSPs may spend weeks or months with a client in the initial sales process but then spend years with them in account management. That’s why exceptional account management is the number one way to grow revenues!

The CloudRadial client portal streamlines account management and clients support without the need to hire another account manager or support engineer.  CloudRadial provides incredible daily insights to clients that showcase needs and opportunities to expand their IT managed services.

For Your Clients, CloudRadial Provides a Single Pane of Glass that consolidates:

  1. Your Full Service Catalog
  2. Ticketing
  3. Backup Reporting
  4. Invoice Management
  5. Office 365 Reporting
  6. ConnectWise Reporting

For Your MSP, CloudRadial Client Portal:

  1. Streamlines Ticketing and User Support
  2. Educates Users for better security, productivity and compliance
  3. Integrates Office 365 to differentiate your offering
  4. Automates QBRs
  5. Surfaces Problems your RMM Can’t
  6. Showcases your Service Catalog to increase sales
  7. Provides a Company Intranet Experience
  8. Integrates with ConnectWise or Autotask 

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CloudRadial Delivers More Than Ticketing

Account Management Upgrade!

CloudRadial is built upon a solid account management oriented platform that:

  • Maximizes lifetime client value – Grows revenue and controls expenses
  • Delivers client convenience – Provides a single pane of glass that is integrated and customizable for their business
  • Demonstrates breadth of expertise – Services catalog, support, training and transparency
  • Develops a true partnership – Blends your content and your client’s for comprehensive end-user support
  • Makes the best use of one-on-one time – Shifts status information out of the QBR
  • Broadens the relationship throughout the organization – All end-users at your clients use your white-labeled portal often and not just for I.T. services
  • Creates additional differentiation and IP – No longer offering the same 365 solution as Microsoft or other CSP

More Revenue and Streamlined Operations

CloudRadial is a fresh approach to the MSP client portal that delivers more productivity and control for your clients and more revenue and streamlined operations for you. It’s a complete replacement for ConnectWise’s built-in portal.

CloudRadial lets you deliver a company intranet to clients which:

  • Replaces your existing ticketing portal with a better interface, workflows and custom questions
  • Provides new services (Intranet, training, policies)
  • Allows charging more for Office 365 (Office support add-on)
  • Tracks opportunities your RMM can’t
  • Presents your full services catalog to clients, including end-users
  • Showcases all you do for clients, even if their servers are no longer on-premise
  • Makes account managers more productive through automated QBRs
  • Integrates seamlessly into ConnectWise or Autotask

Office 365 Integration

CloudRadial also connects easily with Office 365 to keep users out of the Office 365 admin portal and allows:

  • Client self-update of Office meta data (address, phone, etc.)
  • Synchronization between Office 365 and ConnectWise or Autotask without requiring add-ons
  • Presentation of Office 365 adoption information
  • Updates of Office 365 upcoming changes and outages
  • Upsell of additional Office 365 add-ons and services
  • Converting email alerts from Office 365 services into ConnectWise or Autotask tickets

CloudRadial can be game-changer for your business. Schedule a demo using the form on this page or download our white paper to learn more.