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Make it easy for clients to pay their bills with easy and seamless single-click access using CloudRadial Client Services Automation.

Wise-Pay Integration Overview

Each time you handle an invoice, it costs you money. Shorten your cash gap and never chase a payment again. Use Wise-Pay help you get paid on time, every time with an effortless cash flow that makes it super easy for clients to pay their bills.

How the Integration Works:

Wise-Pay hooks directly into your portal to provide single sign-on (SSO) functionality to clients that have access. Within their Account > Invoices page, they’ll be able to click the Open Payment Portal button to get auto-logged in.

What the Integration Does:

  • Make Accessing Payments Easy – Make getting to invoices to pay (or review) just a click.
  • Improve Billing Visibility – Why struggle with convoluted systems? Display the invoices that you want directly in the portal for 24/7 visibility.




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