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    Centrally manage and automatically reconcile Microsoft 365 license billing by feeding them into Gradient MSP from CloudRadial.

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    Integration Overview:

    Send your Microsoft 365 license information directly to Gradient MSP via API. With CloudRadial and Gradient MSP working together, you can ensure that your M365 license billing is accurate so you never skip on profits that you’d otherwise miss out on. 

    How the Integration Works:

    CloudRadial connects to your client’s M365 tenants and pulls in their license information to display. 

    Once you connect Gradient MSP to your CloudRadial tenant, CloudRadial can then granularly feed the SKUs and license details to Gradient MSP so that you can then tag and store their counts for appropriate billing reconciliation with just a few clicks.  

    What the Integration Does:

    • Automates M365 License Reconciliation – True up your M365 bill for clients with ease - no more spending precious time each month manually updating the counts.
    • Improves Margins – Bill clients accurately for M365 licenses to profit more and lose less when it comes to licensing costs.
    • Improve Professionalism – Automating and streamlining the billing process improves your MSP’s reliability and reputation with customers.


    Provider: Gradient MSP
    Solution Type: Invoicing/Billing
    Integration Type: API


    Integration Type: API

    API connections are secured with a set of keys that need to be generated one time.

    Once the connection has been secured, the tool in question will stay connected to CloudRadial until the key is deactivated. Refer to the article on the specific tool for instructions on generating the API key, as well as where to input it into CloudRadial.


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