Confirmed: FastTrack Meeting #4 - Communications

You’re all set for your last FastTrack meeting – but there’s just a bit left to go.

During your fourth and final FastTrack session, we’ll be covering a lot of content. Be sure to come prepared by:

  1. Setting up a free MailChimp account
  2. Ensuring your terms of service allow contacting clients

Completing these steps is critical to ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Meeting agenda

During the third meeting, we’ll cover:

  • An overview of the various communication channels, like the knowledge base, quick starts, courses, and messages
  • Installing and configuring the desktop agent
  • Creating a new course within the university and a YouTube video
  • Creating a new messages package
  • How to ensure email is enabled for all users, via “edit all” functionality
  • Reviewing the Daily Digest and opting in clients to it
  • Creating marketing lists to download from users, and syncing that list to MailChimp

It’s not necessary for you to have explored these functions already… but it never hurts. See you soon.