Domotz and CloudRadial: Better Together – Writing the Operations Guide for MSPs

Upcoming Event

Topic: Domotz and CloudRadial:
Better Together

When: Thursday May 27, 2021 - 11am CST

In today’s world your customers don’t just trust anybody – especially not MSPs who have access to sensitive and crucial network and device information. Instead of asking your customers to trust you, MSPs nowadays want to show their customers they are trustworthy because of all the proactive actions they take to ensure the wellbeing of their client’ networks and devices.

Join the Domotz + CloudRadial webinar in our Partner Integration series on 27 May 2021, to hear from JB Fowler (Domotz, CPO), and Ricky Cecchini (Director of Product Services, CloudRadial) about how to use Domotz and CloudRadial together to show your customers they can trust you and for evidence based selling/upselling.

The Domotz + CloudRadial webinar will cover:
– Intro to Evidence based selling
– How to show your customers they can and should trust you
– Using Domotz and CloudRadial to share physically tangible assets for your clients to see
– Domotz / CloudRadial integration – how it works
– Writing the operations guide for MSPs
– Answers to your burning questions answered live, unfiltered and in real-time

We look forward to seeing you there! If you are unable to attend, please still register and we will send you a recording.