Bootcamp Plan

CloudRadial Bootcamp

Get Your MSP in Shape with Superior Training

CloudRadial is rich in self-service support but with the best intentions time gets in the way. Bootcamp ensures that you get it done, do it right and reserve the time. 

Work in an optimal structured learning environment with classroom instruction, homework and collaboration with peers.  Perfect for new employees, new users, or veteran users getting up to speed with new updates and features. 

Bootcamp covers all the core components to optimize ticketing, your service desk, and client management in 4-one hour online sessions. 

After completing Bootcamp, you will be able to fully use CloudRadial to long, onboard, manage and grow clients. 

Space Is Limited. Cost is $395

Course Highlights

Core Mechanics

Learn the basic core functions of CloudRadial.

Establish a functional client portal created using the existing sample content.

Topics Covered

  • Working with Impersonations of a generic admin, a generic user, and specific users
  • Creating and assigning custom Feature Sets
  • Creating and assigning custom Company Groups
  • How to navigate and use the Content area
  • How to Deploy the Data-Gathering Agent
  • How to Delegate Admins
  • How to have your first client added to the portal and ready to go

Intranet Content and Ticket Customization

Learn how to customize and edit sample content to optimize ticketing.

Learn how to save time with ticket routing capabilities.

Learn how to customize content for the intranet and other functions to meet the individual needs of your customers. 

Topics Covered

  • How to create custom Knowledge Base articles
  • How to create custom Menu Applications
  • How to create custom Quick Starts
  • How to create custom Courses
  • How to create custom Messages
  • How to create custom Tickets (Both Problem Reports and Service Catalog)
  • Understanding the routing of tickets with tokens
  • Setting up ticket approval workflows
  • How to set up Report Archives
  • How to assign content to one or multiple companies

Reporting, QBRs and Business Reviews

Learn how to establish the portal as a pool of information with reporting.

Learn how to create on-demand QBRs and how to run a business review meeting leveraging the vCIO planner as an IT roadmap.

Topics Covered

  • Review the Report Archive functionality
  • How to create and customize Planner Cards to create productized offerings
  • How to create and customize Compliance Policies
  • How to create and customize Assessments
  • How to create and customize Dashboards
  • Planning for and running a Business Review Meeting
  • Reviewing Business Review Data at scale

Communication and Ongoing

Learn how to use the portal on a day-to-day basis after setup is complete.

Learn how to stage the portal and use it as a sales and explanation tool.

Topics Covered

  • A brief recap of the previous sessions
  • How to stage a client for sales/client presentations
  • How to leverage guides and marketing materials
  • How to use communication tools in CloudRadial (Broadcasts, banners, and more)
  • Your various deployment options
    • Teams
    • Desktop app
    • Branded portal with a custom domain