warranty repairs

The September 2018 release adds a new warranty report and improves the ability to maintain content that supports different groups. While editing, users can now filter content based on group memberships for:

  • Menu items
  • Knowledge base articles
  • Problem reports
  • Service requests
  • Courses
  • Quick starts

Menu Improvements

  • Menu items can be selected as a “favorite” and added to a favorites area at the top of the page (right-click on items to add or remove). Favorites are unique to individual users.
  • Menu items can be displayed in list form
  • Menu search has been made more prominent above the items

Infrastructure Improvements

  • A warranty chart has been added under the endpoint’s charts tab. This information comes from the ConnectWise configuration expiration setting based on endpoint ID. This should work well for those MSPs using Warranty Master to update their configurations.

In addition to these enhancements, we continue to improve integration with ConnectWise and Office 365 to handle unique client requirements.

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